This is the main area where you will place your text. This table is inside of a division layer that sits on top of the web page. These types of sites usually render best in browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.5 + , Netscape Navigator 6.0 + , and similar.

You should give some type of brief explaination about your site on this main page so your visitors know what you are all about. You can go into more depth on your 'ABOUT ME' page. This template is designed to be customizable as it includes all image and .PSD files. You will also have custom designed banner templates that you can add your own text to.

The fonts used in the creation of this template are FREEWARE. They were collected from around the web and I include them with the .zip file so that you don't have to search throughout the internet to find and download them. I AM NOT CHARGING MONEY FOR THESE FONTS!! They are given to you freely. There are 3 fonts used in this template : 1) Single Stroke , 2) Pio , and 3) Smudger LET. I have included Single Stroke and Pio. You can replace the Smudger LET with something else or you can look around the web to see if you can find it. I cannot include this font.

This text is bold so that you can see and read it better. The background makes it a little difficult to see normal text. Because this is a table AND a div layer, you should try not to place too much text here. Otherwise it will extend past the height of this background image and will not look right. If you need more room, just make a new page and link to it.
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